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Solvang Arts and Music (SAM)


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Mission Statement


The mission of the Solvang School Arts & Music foundation (formerly Solvang School Education Foundation – SSEF) is to enrich the public school education of EVERY student at Solvang School by providing financial and other resources to ensure that music and arts education are part of regular schooling.  S.A.M is an independent 501(c)(3).  




Since 1996, the Foundation has partnered with Solvang School to establish vibrant Music and Arts Education programs integrated throughout Kindergarten through Grade 8 curriculum providing excellence and breadth in education to Solvang’s students.  The programs are extraordinary, bringing a myriad of benefits to our students and SAM is determined to keep these inspiring teachers and programs in place for our nearly 600 students, many of whom do not otherwise have access to arts education.


What Is S.A.M.?


To find out more about S.A.M. and the programs it supports, check out this video, produced by the Solvang School Media class: http://youtu.be/CufWXTrIs-M 


S.A.M.'s Website


Please visit the S.A.M. website, www.solvangsam.com to learn more about our organization.





Next up:  The SHOW OF SHOWS, March 31, 2017!






The comprehensive arts education that every student receives at Solvang School is based on visual and performing arts standards approved by the California Department of Education.


Art K-8  –Teacher Devon Espejo and enrichment provided by Arts Outreach

In beginning art classes students learn line, color, shape and form.  Students then begin to explore the world of art through different media, studying things like proportion and measurement, dimension and texture, cultures and historical periods.  They create original works of art with traditional and new media opening their lives to an incredible world of creativity.


Dance – SBDI


All 3rd grade students study dance weekly. Our extracurricular “Super Wonderful & Talented (SWAT) Dance Team meets weekly, as well after school for grades 4-8.


Drama/Theatre Art  – Teacher Robert Fairbanks and Specialist Aimee Carroll


Students will acquire an understanding of theatre arts in relation to history & culture, as well as make connections to other fields of knowledge.  They do this through storytelling, play writing, improvisation, scene study, mime and learning about and understanding the various forms of theatre throughout history.  In addition to performing, they also will learn the basic technical aspects of theatre, including set design and construction, lighting, costumes, make-up, and backstage etiquette.


Music K-4 – Teacher Lisa Blanton


In beginning music classes students learn simple patterns of rhythm, pitch, sing songs from memory and play simple accompaniments on classroom instruments. They create movements in response to music which helps them connect to dance and discern variations in rhythm and tempo.


Music 5-8  – Specialist Dewey Roberts


There will be foundational and integrated music instruction given through each grade. Students will

sing, play instruments and learn basic music theory and history.  They will have the opportunity to perform with their classmates for an audience in the winter and spring concerts.


Meet the Masters (K-3)


Meet the Masters is a volunteer-run program that teaches our students about 3 or 4 master artists each year.  We give a brief art history lesson and teach a project in the style of the artist.  The time commitment from our volunteers is minimal and the rewards are great!  You can attend two training sessions and then coordinate with your child’s teacher on the dates that you can come in to teach.  The lessons should only take about an hour.  If you would like to help keep art in your children’s class and you would like more information, please contact Carola Hecker via email at carolahecker@gmail.com





Annual Appeal


Our Annual Appeal is a mail outreach to our school families and supporters to help maintain all of our programs.


Fall Fundraiser


THANK YOU to all the people who attended and supported the Boots & Bling Ball on Nov 5. $22,000 was raised to support music, arts and STEM programs, benefiting every student at Solvang School.




SHOW OF SHOWS, March 31, 2017


Our annual Show of Shows is a special opportunity for our students to show off their talents.  Students audition and are accepted based on their readiness and talent.  Performances can include singing, dancing, acting, instrumental performances and other creative abilities.




After school enrichment classes are offered in the Fall and Spring for 6-8 weeks.  Class offerings vary but include things like: singing, art, dance, music, science, language, woodworking and cooking. Contact Committee Chair: Carola Hecker  carolahecker@gmail.com




Donations by families, friends and the community are critical to keeping our programs alive and thriving.  SAM is committed to enriching the education of every child at Solvang School.


Please consider donating at any time during the year by sending a check to SAM, P.O. Box 304, Solvang, CA 93464. Or visit our website, www.solvangsam.com, and contribute online.


Please ask your employer if they would be interested in a corporate matching gift donation.


 All donations are tax deductible




Please feel free to contact any Board member to get more information, share your thoughts or find out how you can get involved!


Kristen Thomsen          peterthomsen@comcast.net                President         

Alan Davenport            alan.davenport@unishippers.com        Treasurer

Susie Durbiano            sjdurbiano@gmail.com                         Secretary

Jenny McClurg             jennyrogowski4@hotmail.com

Amy Fisher                   bfisherfamily@yahoo.com    

Celeste Pulido              pulidos3@gmail.com

Lisa Kekuewa               lakekuewa@gmail.com

Jasmine Day                jday@solvangschool.org  

Carrie Padfield             cpadfield@solvangschool.org

Robin Serritslev          robinserritslev@gmail.com